HARBOR kennel cage with a Loft-style cabinet. Solid oak wood

Metal and oak dog kennel with a cupboard and a usable table top made of metal and oak wood in a rustic style.

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Wood grade

Tabletop thickness

The color of the wood


A kennel cage is a chance for our four-legged friend to have a private, safe corner separated from the space , where he will have a chance to rest and healthy, deep sleep. It is not a cage intended for forced isolation . On the contrary – placing a lair and favorite toys in the kennel will make the dog willing to use it when it feels tired or overwhelmed by the excess of stimuli.

Our kennel cage is made in the form of a chest of drawers with a closed cabinet and a massive, large top, which is also the “ceiling” of the dog sanctuary. It is a combination of black, matt steel and golden oak with clearly defined rings and knots. The wood imitates aged, poorly processed boards. Such natural austerity and industrial simplicity resembles a loft – an arrangement style that arose in American cities as a result of transforming post-industrial vacancies into original residential spaces. Simplicity, machine parts and even entire industrial machines as decoration of these raw spaces are a trend that is extremely popular nowadays. Industrial fashion is still doing well and is eagerly used by decorators and interior designers.

The KEEPER kennel cage in the form of a chest of drawers with a closed cabinet is our proposal for use in apartments arranged in an industrial style and in real lofts. It will perfectly match the metal and wooden decor. The gold of the oak and the black of steel will make an extraordinary impression in any interior of this type. It will fit perfectly in, above all, minimalist loft furniture, but also rustic, made of solid wood of a similar color.

The kennel cage may intriguingly harmonize with other arrangement styles , provided, however, that there is at least one eye-catching industrial decorative element in the room. It can be, for example, a “wire” floor lamp or a wall lamp made of a gear wheel.

A chest of drawers with a kennel cage consists of three elements:

  • a cage made of black steel profiles with a square cross-section,
  • massive, oak table top ,
  • cupboard with shelf.

The KEEPER chest of drawers with a kennel cage is made of high-quality materials, with high accuracy and precision when welding metal parts. They were covered with black paint free from ingredients harmful to our health and the pet’s health. The structure is strong and stable, it guarantees many years of use.


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