Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS

Practical and aesthetic stand for dog bowls made entirely of wooden elements. It will add charm to any interior!



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The color of the wood

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The VENOM dog bowl stand is made entirely of Rustic oak wood. Its striking features are:

  • table top with holes cut for two steel bowls,
  • front milled into vertical grooves,
  • high, quite thick plinth, which gives the whole impression of stability.

The VANOM dog feeder with its appearance refers to the art deco style , which was extremely popular in pre-war Europe. Its most characteristic feature is – as in the case of our stand – minimalism, high-quality materials, perfect finish and perfect functionality. The elegant design makes it possible to place the dog’s buffet in any room, especially since placing the food on a raised floor prevents splashing and staining the floor. Such a high arrangement of the bowls has a positive effect on the proper development and health of our pet:

  • prevents medium and large dogs from bending over when eating . After years of adopting such an attitude, it can in many cases lead to spine diseases,
  • high-positioned bowls bring relief to sick and elderly dogs suffering from degeneration of the joints and spine. Not having to bend down relieves the pain to a great extent,
  • The bowl rack forces quadrupeds, who tend to lie down on the floor during meals, to adopt the correct posture . For a dog, eating lying down is synonymous with digestive problems.

The stand for dog bowls, in addition to aesthetic values, guarantees cleanliness and order . Not only does it prevent water splashes and stain the floor, it also allows bowls to be easily removed to put them in the dishwasher. The wooden body covered with ecological varnish does not cause any problems when wet cleaning and during maintenance with the same preparations as other furniture in the apartment.

Aesthetics and careful workmanship of the stand and precise finish guarantee many years of use.

The dog bowl stand will perfectly match our CANNON or ICON kennel cage

The dimensions of the stand:  54x20x33 cm

Bowl capacity: 1.8 l


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