Wood chest with a dog food container VALIANT

Box with a feed container with a built-in rack for the bowls.



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The VALIANT chest of drawers with a food container is a smart piece of furniture that combines aesthetic features with high functionality and space saving. We address it to all owners of small, medium and large dogs who care about the classic, aesthetic appearance of the apartment and who are fed up with the ubiquitous, ubiquitous dog bowls and the view of food pouring out of the packaging.

Our chest of drawers with a food container will make sure that no guest visiting the apartment will even realize that one of the tenants is a dog, will not feel the crunching of dog balls under their shoes, or will not trip over the messy bowls in the hall. What you will admire is a stylish, elegant room furniture , the appearance of which is difficult to associate with a pet.

A chest of drawers with a food container consists of two basic elements:

  • the bottom drawer, acting as a holder for the bowls, i.e. a “dog buffet”,
  • food container that opens from the top , which can hold up to 15 kilograms.

The furniture is made in the hampton style , named after the holiday towns of East Hampton and Southampton on Long Island – the favorite places of rest for wealthy people in Manhattan. It was built of a strong furniture board covered with a light alder veneer. It has a front milled in vertical grooves and a bottom drawer with a front in the same style. A characteristic element of the chest of drawers is a high plinth, which is a common feature of marine furniture.

A chest of drawers with a food container has two functions:

  • “Dog buffet”,
  • a warehouse for food.

The great advantage of the furniture is that the supply of food and feeding bowls are in one place , so the problem with storing food, its spreading and the dog taking up space in the kitchen or hall is eliminated. When we want to feed our pet, just pull out the holder , open the container and sprinkle the food. At the end of the meal, the drawer slides back and the chest of drawers regains its elegant appearance again.

A chest of drawers with a food container can stand in any room of the house. A classic, elegant look will suit both the hall, the living room or the living room . Of course, the ideal would be for the interior to be arranged in a hampton style, although this is not a necessary condition. The chest of drawers has a simple, economical structure, so it can match various decorations , provided that its color will not excessively conflict with other furniture.

A chest of drawers with a food container will be a perfect set with our ICON kennel cage .

The dimensions of the furniture: 75x74x44 cm.

Box capacity: 15 kg


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