Wooden cabinet with dog food containers with drawer GALLANT

A large wooden food container combined into one piece of furniture with a stand for bowls



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Our cabinet, the GALLANT food container, is a proposition for all pet owners who care about the high-class interior design of their apartment . It is connected with the necessity to take care of every detail and keep a well-thought-out way of interior furnishing. Meanwhile, the things available on the market that our pet needs are often of low quality, and their aesthetic value and durability leave much to be desired.

The food container cabinet has been designed and made for those who, due to having a dog, do not want to give up the elegant arrangement of the apartment , and at the same time have the welfare of their ward at heart. Our piece of furniture solves the issue of feeding your pet and – what is inextricably linked with it – storing a supply of food for it .

Cabinet food container will make you forget about your dog’s bowls occupying a large space in the hall or kitchen, about stumbling over them when your pet (which happens very often) eagerly moves the vessel to the center of the room while eating it, and finally the need to clean up the floor after a meal.

The food storage cupboard is also a great way to store your pet food. Having such a piece of furniture, we do not have to store opened packages in the garage, basement or in the kitchen and transport them each time to fill the dog’s bowl. The solution we propose allows you to conveniently store tasty balls in the same place as our dog’s buffet , without fear that they will spoil due to moisture or too high temperature.

The food container cabinet consists of three main elements:

  • holder in the form of a bottom drawer with two steel bowls. It is an ideal solution for serving meals: to fill the dishes and invite the dog to eat, slide the drawer back, after finishing eating, put it back in and instead of a buffet with clear traces of dog activity, we again enjoy the elegance of a practical cupboard,
  • tight and well-fitted to the cabinet furniture housing with doors tilted at an angle of 45 ° , holding up to 15 kg of food,
  • drawers under the table top , where we can store a leash, toys and other dog’s things. It is equipped with smooth and silent running guides with shock-absorbing closing.

The food container cabinet is made of a durable blockboard covered with a natural veneer. Careful finish and well-refined elements make it will serve us for many years, the more that its maintenance and cleaning are the same as in the case of other furniture in the apartment.

An elegant form whose characteristic features are:

  • milled fronts of drawers and container doors,
  • massive and stable table top,
  • high and wide plinth and
  • brass drawer handles

makes the cabinet, the food container can be successfully used as a tasteful piece of furniture not only in the hall, but also in the living room and in any other room , with the benefit of the aesthetics of the room.

Cabinet for food container finished with alder wood has the standard dimensions of a typical chest of drawers 75x81x44 cm . It can be a perfect set with our chest of drawers with a CANNON kennel cabinet .


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