Luxury dog beds

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Luxury dog beds for your pet

Here you will find unique beds for your dog. We cater to the needs and whims of four-legged friends and their owners. Choose to your heart’s content from durable and stylish wooden luxury dog bed’s and dog’s furniture.

A modern dog bed is important

A comfortable dog bed is the basis for your dog’s well-being and proper development. The dog beds we create allow you to arrange the perfect sleeping and relaxing space for your dog. The wooden bed is very stable. This allows your pet to rest and recuperate peacefully after a game, a walk or a day full of excitement.

A feeling of security

A wooden dog bed is more than just a place to sleep. The right bed provides him with his own private and secluded place. He feels safe in it and can rest peacefully from the hustle and bustle of home, far better than on the sofa.

Real comfort

The bed provides a level surface on which the dog can rest. With plenty of space, the animal will settle into its favourite position. Such a lie-down also provides thermal comfort. If a puppy or adult dog were to sleep on the floor, he would be in danger of getting cold. With our beds, he will be warm and comfortable.

How do I choose a comfortable luxury dog bed?

We believe that every dog deserves a comfortable and secure bed. If you want to choose a dog bed, remember – quality is more important than price. Find a seat or lounger that meets the most important requirements for dog furniture:

Durability. The construction should be sturdy, resistant to dog claws and other mechanical damage;
Size. It is a good idea to match the dimensions of the dog bed to the breed of the dog, not its age. The puppy grows quickly, so consider a bed with standard dimensions;
Design. Like other furniture, a good bed forms a coherent composition with the rest of the furniture and allows the original style of the interior to be maintained. At the same time, it has to harmonise with the current trends in interior design;

Discover the advantages of luxury dog beds from the DogDeco shop

Discover all the advantages of wood furniture for your dog and see why you should have one. These modern dog beds will fully satisfy your pet, even the fussiest one.

Sturdy wood construction

We love dogs, but we know that they can sometimes make a nuisance of themselves. That’s why we only use hardwoods, such as oak, when manufacturing our luxury dog beds. In addition, we use safe impregnation products. When you purchase a bespoke dog bed from us, you get a perfect piece of furniture that will last for many years.

High-quality materials

We take a very responsible approach to the production of our dog beds. We only use natural materials, primarily wood. The construction is treated with an odourless preparation that does not cause allergic reactions in humans or animals. The filling of the cushions is 100% safe. When you choose a bed from our catalogue, you are assured of a high standard of workmanship.

Unique design

Our dog beds are the choice for those who appreciate a coherent composition of furniture. The furniture presented in this category will enhance the look of any room. We provide a wide range of colours and wood types, so you can easily match the dog bed to your interior design. The final look of the dog beds is due to such wood finishing techniques as oiling or varnishing. You are guaranteed an elegant finish and durability.

Complete hygiene

The stylish dog beds available in our shop are very easy to keep clean. You can quickly remove the cushion and shake it off or wash it. This will help you take care of your pet’s hygiene and the place where it likes to stay so much.

Different sizes and types of beds for your dog

Dogs can vary dramatically in size. That’s why you’ll find a wide selection of dog beds in several sizes. We guarantee that every bed made by us will suit its future user to the maximum. Check out the different types of beds presented in this category:

Large dog beds, elegant and very sturdy, available in XXL sizes;
Small dog beds, soft and cuddly, yet highly designer; adored by small breeds.

Dog beds with orthopaedic mattress for your pet

Choosing the right dog bed for a dog with a spinal or joint condition may not be easy. Driven by a deep concern for dogs, we offer dedicated orthopaedic mattresses for bedding. These products are of paramount importance for dogs with ailments of old age. Order the health-promoting cushions and provide a comfortable environment for your pet.

Dog beds with your pet’s name on them

Are you looking for a personalisable dog bed for your pet? Then we have something for you. We can decorate all our pet beds with your dog’s name plate. It’s the perfect way to prepare your home for the arrival of a new pet or to give pleasure to a pet that has been with you for years.

Find the perfect wood dog bed for your four-legged friend

Check out our range and choose the best bed for your beloved dog. We will make it especially for you! If you don’t know which model will be suitable or you haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to write to us or call us. We will certainly be able to help. After all, we love dogs just as much as you do!