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Dog bowl stands | Wooden raised feeder stand | DogDeco

Metal dog bowls on a wooden stand – the perfect set for your pet

Dog bowl stands are a must-have item for the home where your four-legged friend lives. The bowls and stands, which provide a secure elevation, are the ideal solution for large, medium and small breeds of dogs and puppies. In our workshop, each model is created under the watchful eye of experienced carpenters, all out of sincere love for dogs!

In the wide offer of the DogDeco online shop you will find various feeders equipped with steel bowls. Adjust the size and height of the bowls to suit your dog’s height, and the design to suit the interior design of the furniture you place. Order one of our wooden raised feeders and give your pet the corner of his dreams where he can eat in peace and quiet.

Why buy a dog bowl stand

Carefully crafted wooden feeder on legs hold a set of two bowls in one place. This will keep the environment where your pet eats dry and wet food hygienic and easy to keep clean. A functional piece of furniture of this type is recommended by experts for dogs of all breeds:

  • Healthy posture when eating food. Placing the bowls above floor level eliminates your pet from bending over when drinking water and eating food. This is especially important if the dog is a medium or larger breed. The correct posture when taking in water and food prevents spinal degeneration.
  • Eating comfort. feeder meet the needs of older pets. Loved, old dogs often suffer from arthritis and degenerative changes in the spine. Having to constantly bend over when eating and drinking causes them pain. The DogDeco wooden design and bowl set makes a great gift for a senior dog.
  • Swallowing aid. Placing food above the floor in the bowl racks makes it easier for your dog to swallow during meals. This is appreciated by owners of dogs who have digestive problems.
  • Eliminating lying down while eating. Some dogs show a tendency to lie down while eating. This promotes relaxation, but often causes problems with proper digestion. Bowl stands induce the dog to adopt a comfortable and healthy position.

Dog bowl stands | Wooden raised feeder stand | DogDeco

Wooden dog bowl stand – dog feeding station in various sizes

Our dog bowls on the stand are not adjustable, but have varying heights and capacities. So you can easily adjust the design to suit your pet’s size and breed. We produce the feeders in 3 standard sizes:

  • Size S is designed for the lowest dog breeds. It has a height of 10 cm and the capacity of the bowls is 0.9 l. It will work perfectly as a design for yorkie bowls.
  • Size L is suitable for medium sized dog breeds. The stand is 20 cm high and the capacity of the bowls is 1.8 l. This is a great eating angle for bulteriers, bassets etc.
  • Size XL is a design for a large dog. Its height is 30 cm and the capacity of the bowls is as much as 2.3 l. It will work well for a St Bernard or German Shepherd.

Sizes of Dog bowl stands | Wooden raised feeder stand | DogDeco

Discover all the advantages of the wooden dog bowl stands from DogDeco

Do you know why the wooden structures from the DogDeco joinery are so special? Whether they are metal feeder (on metal legs) or furnishings made entirely of wood, they fit perfectly into any interior and meet all your pets’ needs. Discover all their advantages!

Timeless design

Our bowl stands combine a practical dimension with the extraordinary aesthetics of natural materials and unique design. At DogDeco, we make sure that our products fit in with current interior trends. We do not forget about lovers of classic, minimalist, art déco, Hampton or industrial style. Every owner of a four-legged dog will find something for themselves and will match our sets to the style of their flat or house.

High-quality materials

All DogDeco products are made of high-quality wood and varnished with a preparation that is safe for human and animal health. The sturdy construction is styled to resemble sturdy furniture. Thanks to this, the bowl stand will find its place in any room – it will look great both in the kitchen, dining room, hallway, corridor and living room.

Easy care and cleaning

DogDeco dog bowl stands are durable and easy to care for. They will last for many years. We realise that cleanliness and hygiene is a very important element for every dog owner. If the food is above the floor, it is easier to keep clean. Dog feeder make dogs less likely to make a mess as the food and water is close to their mouths. However, if there is a need for cleaning, remember that our raised feeders come with pull-out stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher-safe and the design itself is simply wiped down with a damp cloth.

Special anti-slip features

The dog bowls on the stand are stable wooden constructions. The dog dishes placed in them cannot be knocked over or moved with the nose while eating. A feeder is a great way to keep them in one place. By choosing our product, you will once and for all deal with the problem of tripping over bowls pushed by your pet into the middle of the kitchen or room.

Dog bowl stands | Wooden raised feeder stand | DogDeco Large selection of elegant furniture at attractive prices

We are a manufacturer of racks and other dog furniture, so we can offer our customers the best prices. Buyer satisfaction is our priority. If you have not found a product in this category that meets your expectations, please write or call us. We will be happy to make a customised bowl stand for you!