Dog crate furniture

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Our dog crate furniture were designed to create a refuge for our pets – part of a peaceful canine world.
All dog owners know this symptom very well: their pupils, during a storm, cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or renovation works at neighbors behind the wall, look for shelter in their home nooks and crannies.
Dogs in cramped lockers cut off from too intense stimuli, as the space under the desk or table limited at the top gives them a sense of security. The same is true for sleep, which is deep and less alert under these conditions.

Our Dog crate furniture
kennels are designed to fit into every room in our apartment. These are not simple wire hexagons with padlocked doors. Our kennels are mounted in chests of drawers, which are part of the room’s furnishings, some models are combined with cabinets and drawers, making kennels not only pens for dog tenants, but also practical, stylish furniture.

Dog crate furniture – advantages
• With a little effort on our part, kennels will become the perfect place for your dog to calm down when he gets scared.
• Kennel cages help to introduce the habit of rest and relaxation, especially for overly excitable pets.
• They will also be a good solution when visiting guests who are afraid of animals or, on the contrary, are too persistent towards them.
• And finally – they will perfectly isolate our four-legged friend when a postman knocks on the door.

Where are dog crate furniture placed?
Kennel cages should be placed in quiet places, away from the hustle and bustle of the house, to ensure comfort and relative silence for dogs. As a result, pets are always willing to use them to sleep or isolate themselves from anything that makes them anxious or upset. Home kennels should not be moved. Their position should not be changed. Only the fact that the kennel is always in the same, well-known place to the dog will make our pet consider the cage as a friendly and safe place.