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Dog crate furniture from DogDeco – elegant dog cages in the form of furniture.

A dog crate furniture is a type of dog kennel that is set up in a calm, quiet place in the house. Staying in it will allow your dog to calm down and control his emotions. Used properly, a metal or wooden kennel cage will become a safe refuge for your pet and will not be stressful or harmful in any way.

In our range you will find the best home kennel crate for small, medium and large dogs. Created by DogDeco carpenters, the furniture is extremely stylish and comes in modern or classic forms. In this category we have included cages of various types, tailored to the needs of specific dog breeds. Choose one of our dog cages and provide your pet with comfort and a personal space – a place that is only his.

Kennel cage for your dog – why buy one?

The use of a dog crate furniture guarantees a number of benefits. Its introduction is recommended by many dog behaviourists. By choosing this practical piece of furniture, you are providing your four-legged dog with a place where he can take refuge, and whenever he needs it. Contrary to popular belief, staying in a kennel cage does not in any way have to be associated with punishment or stress for your dog. It is where the pet feels comfortable and safe.

Dog crate furniture are great tools used in a variety of situations:

• Regular training with dog crates helps to solve dogs’ behavioural problems, including separation anxiety, destroying objects or difficulties with settling outside.
• The kennel cage is an invaluable aid during sports training and canine competitions. It allows the dog to rest effectively in familiar surroundings and counteracts excessive fatigue in the pet.
• “Caging”, i.e. placing your pet in a kennel cage, is useful for sick dogs whose movement must be temporarily restricted for their own good.

Kennel cages for dogs from the DogDeco shop, in addition to fulfilling the aforementioned practical functions, look great. We create them from the highest quality materials and they have the form of a real piece of furniture. It is worth choosing them, especially since when ordering from us, you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Which dog crate furniture to choose?

In our carpenter’s workshop in Wrocław, we manufacture various types of kennel cages for dogs for the home. If you want to choose the right one, remember that the kennel cage should be adjusted to the size of your dog and its character. In the DogDeco range you will find kennel cages of both open and closed construction. Read about when to buy this type of construction.

Wooden dog crate furniture

Wooden kennel cages have an enclosed design. This piece of furniture is enclosed, usually on three sides, and gives your pet maximum security. Dogs that like to hide and usually choose to rest in seclusion feel most comfortable in a built-in kennel cage.

Metal dog crate with wooden elements

Metal kennel cages have an open design. Such a piece of dog furniture has wooden elements and shelves, but the side walls are mostly metal framing. A metal kennel cage with wooden elements is a great solution for pets that like to observe everything going on around them and are not in the habit of seeking seclusion. It is also a great piece of furniture for transporting your dog.

Designer dog crates furniture to suit your interior

We create our furniture with the greatest attention to detail. We look for non-standard solutions and try to design outside the box. This is how we create kennel crate that present a unique style and fit perfectly into many arrangements. These are not simple wire hexagons with padlocked doors. Our kennel cages become part of a decorative interior design. Some are combined with cabinets and drawers. So they are not only pens for the dog’s occupants, but also practical, stylish furniture.

For rooms decorated in loft style, kennel crate made of black metal bars, covered with an elegant wooden top in real oak, are a perfect match. On the other hand, for lovers of classic compositions, we have prepared wooden cages built into a Hampton or Art Déco style chest of drawers. In our offer you will find a piece of furniture that will emphasise the arrangement of your living room, corridor or bedroom. And if none of the available products meets your expectations, we will make a customised kennel cage for your dog.

The greatest advantages of the dog crate furniture available at DogDeco

We are proud of the kennel cages that we design and produce ourselves. We carefully control the entire process of creating our brand furniture. As a result, we provide innovative, practical and stylish solutions that are sure to please you. See what makes DogDeco kennel cages stand out:

The right size. A kennel cage should be spacious enough so that your dog can turn around and lie down in it freely. After all, it is meant to be his asylum. In our range, you will find sturdy models, designed for pets of different breeds, including the largest. We also produce bespoke furniture, taking into account the specific needs of individual dogs.
Exclusively high-quality materials. Sturdy kennel cages must be made of durable materials to serve dogs for many years. Such furniture ensures complete safety for the pets. At DogDeco, we attach great importance to suitable materials. That’s why we produce our kennel cages from tried and tested types of wood and use strong metal grating.
Functionality without compromise. Our furniture-like kennel cages are easy to clean and require no time-consuming maintenance. They can be equipped with additional shelves and compartments for various dog accessories. We have equipped all drawers and doors with a silent closing function and the entrance to the cage is closed with a strong bolt. In this way DogDeco furniture responds perfectly to the needs of pets and their guardians.
Aesthetics at the highest level. Made with the utmost care, the DogDeco kennel cage presents itself perfectly. Our furniture enriches the arrangement of the room and together with other pieces of equipment creates a coherent composition. We have prepared these innovative solutions for animal lovers who appreciate beautiful interiors.

We hope that in this category you will find dog crate furniture which will meet your expectations. Each of the products has a detailed description and you can see them in the photos we have taken in our local carpentry shop.

If you have questions about our range or would like to order a kennel cage with unusual dimensions and shape, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help, because just like you, we love dogs!