Dog feeders

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Our Dog feeders combine practicality with an aesthetic appearance. They are made of wood in colors that allow them to be placed in the kitchen, hall and living room. Well-fitted steel dishes that are safe for the health of our pets, are easy to remove and wash when necessary. Placed in a rack for bowls, they are secured against tipping over or shifting.

Dog feeders – Key Benefits:
• Better posture. Placing the bowls above floor level eliminates – especially for medium and larger dogs – bending over when drinking water and food, which can lead to back problems over time.
• Comfort while eating. Bowl stands meet the needs of older animals, which often suffer from arthritis and degenerative changes of the spine. It is painful for them to have to constantly bend over while eating and drinking.
• Help with swallowing. Placing the food above the floor in bowl racks makes it easier for the dog to swallow during meals.
• Eliminating lying down while eating. Some dogs tend to lie down while eating. This promotes relaxation, but often causes digestive problems. The bowl stands encourage your dog to assume a comfortable and healthy position.
• Easy to clean. If the food is above the floor, it is easier to keep it clean. Bowl racks make dogs less likely to mess up as food and water are close to their mouths.
• The bowls stay in place. Racks for bowls are stable, wooden structures, so the dog dishes placed in them cannot be knocked over or moved with your nose while eating. Using our product once and for all will eliminate stumbling of household members over the bowls pushed by the pet to the center of the kitchen or room.

Dog feeders – tasteful furnishings
Racks for bowls are made of high-quality wood and varnished with a varnish that is safe for our pet’s health. The solid structure and the style resembling furniture make the stand find its place in every room of the apartment. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, one more thing can be emphasized: bowl stands are durable and easy-care products. They will serve for many years.