Dog food storage

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Pets are valued family members, so why not provide them with a special place to feed and drink? A great idea is to combine a dog bowl stand with a place to store dry food. Our dog food storage will work well in the hall, kitchen and even in the living room. Bowls placed in a holder and a container that can be opened from the top or slid out from the side create a uniform, well-thought-out, elegant structure that can be easily adapted to the decor of any room in the apartment.

Dog food storage with a comfortable “dog buffet”
Our food storage are equipped with a holder in which we placed steel bowls for food and water. This solution prevents the dogs’ nose from moving the dishes, which often happens while eating, and from getting dust and other dirt into them when they are not in use. The drawer-buffet is located above the floor, which makes it easier for the dog to eat and helps him adopt the right attitude to prevent health problems in later years. Food containers constructed in this way also make life easier for animals with spine and joint diseases that often occur in old age.

Dog food storage – a convenient way to store dog food
Our food containers prevent a supply of dog food from being stored directly on the floor. This is one of the most serious mistakes a pet owner can make and will inevitably lead to food spoilage before the expiration date. Food balls are exposed to many threats from rodents, insects, mold and fungi, the toxins and bacteria of which can seriously affect the health of our pet.
Dog food containers are made of wood, protected with a varnish that is harmless to the environment. They are solid, well-matched constructions, guaranteeing the safety of their contents. The container can easily fit over a dozen kilograms of feed.

Where to put our wooden Dog food storage?
Our dog food storage looks like a normal furniture, have an elegant design and will easily adapt to the arrangement of any room. However, it should be remembered that their content should be stored at an appropriate temperature and humidity. Therefore, we advise against placing a food container in the bathroom or kitchen near the cooker on which the meals are prepared. Keeping the food for 48 hours at elevated temperatures leads to the growth of bacteria, rancidity of fats and the breakdown of vitamins.
Dog food storage are best for a room or hall, as well as a cool place in the kitchen. There is no fear that any dirt will get into our pet’s food, because they are solid and tight.