About Us

Ekipa stolarni, producenta mebli dla psów DogDeco.

Hi! We are lovers of dogs and stylish home interiors.

We are professionals in wooden furniture production. Last year we started the adventure with our own ideas for something new – furniture for dogs and people. Our products are designed to combine an attractive appearance with the needs of a dog living in an apartment or a hause. 

How did it start?

I have been a happy owner of an American Bully female for two years. As everyone knows – it is good for a dog to have his “own place” in the apartment. However, I have not found any interesting products on the market that would satisfy the need of a canine asylum with an eye-catching appearance. In gerenal, you can buy rather ugly steel wire that looks more like a rabbit cages, to a larger size. Neither is it nice nor durable. Therefore,  I decided to take matters into my own hands. Together with the partners I run my furniture company with, we focused on creating products that would take into account the needs of animals and also fit into almost any interior without compromising the semse of aesthetics.

By subjecting subsequent prototypes to the evaluation of our dod owner friends who have higher requirements than purchasing a steel wire from the market, we gradually  improved our new models. Each of them was also assessed by a cynologist and a canine behaviorist to achieve a balance between appearance and utility.

This way, kennel cages integrated into chests of drawers were created, with the dog having acquired a sense of security, and its owners a harmoniously organized interior. We were also took minful of safety and security of guests who visit the house where the dog is  slightly more temperamental – the cages can be locked from the outside with a bolt. We offer several other items of equipment, for example a very useful combo – a feeder with a box for storing dry food or free-standing elegant feeders.


The furniture for you and your pets is hand-made, with attention to every detail. We offer premium class products – elegant and durable.

It is noting that all materials used in the production of the furniture are primarily the most valued wood, mainly oak and alder, and blockboard. The drawers are made with care for pet’s comfort. In order not to make too much noise when closing them, we used slides with the soft-close mechanism. To protect the furniture we opt for paints, varnishes and stains of the highest quality. We create classy furniture for  demanding customers.

Our dog furniture is a choice for anyone who:

• considers the dog to be man’s best friend
• wants to provide their dog with maximum comfort
• values the look and durability of wooden furniture
• wants their furniture to be created with the utmost care-especially for them


To bring uniquely designed and exclusive dog furniture to as many homes as possible.


To create products that meet both the needs of dogs and the aesthetic needs of their owners. 


  • Humility 
  • Love  for animals
  • Attention 
  • Welfare