About dog crate

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The word “cage” itself may evoke negative associations, but not in this case! Kennel cages break the stereotype that only an unruly animal, prone to messy games, deserves staying locked up. Kennele could be called a private dog house. They are designed to create a safe, comfortable and peaceful space for the pet. According to behavioral research, kennels are a solution beneficial to the dog’s psyche. It refers to the natural instincts of animals, which feel most comfortable in rather tight places that are difficult to reach for humans. There are several types of kennel cages – free-standing metal, in the form of a conveyor, home furniture.


Ultimately, dog crates are to be a place for a dog’s nap, rest, shelter from too loud noises or excessive stroking. An additional option is to use a kennel in a situation where our four-legged friend does not like “strangers” in his area. During guests’ visits, it does not need to be locked in a separate room, on the balcony or in the backyard. A dog in its own place will feel much less stress and – obviously – will be calmer, more polite. To encourage your pet to be in a given place more, it is worth equipping it with favorite dog accessories: a blanket, a pillow, a toy. You may also be tempted to add a few treats – this will make the dog return there more willingly and more often.


The undoubted advantage of this type of cages is that they are suitable for every dog. Kennel will work regardless of his race, age, height or character. When deciding on such a choice, however, it is worth knowing your pet’s disposition. According to the aforementioned behavioral studies, fearful, calm quadrupeds, after traumatic experiences, will adapt much faster and more willingly to a new, secluded place. This does not mean, of course, that the more mobile and distracting ones will not be able to use kennel cages. However, it should be remembered that convincing an exuberant four-legged friend to spend even a moment in one place will be a task that requires time and patience. The age should be similar – the older the pet, the harder it will be to convince him to a new place. In both cases, the standard rule will work best – the sooner your dog is used to being in the kennel, the faster and easier it will learn. It is also a form of an excellent exercise to calm down an animal, even the busiest one.


  1. Of course, the most important thing is to take into account your pet’s disposition – as already described above.
  2. It is imperative that the cage is not too small. Its size should be adapted to the future inhabitant – he is the most important. It is not only supposed to fit in it, but also to feel at ease.
  3. You have to be aware that the kennel is to act as a refuge for the furry. It is not worth using as a form of punishment. A dog should be associated with safety, calmness, and not with the fact that he has done something wrong. This may discourage him from being in it.
  4. Equally important is the location of the kennel. On the one hand, it should be in a quiet and peaceful place. On the other hand, it is recommended that it be as close to the heart of the house as possible – where the household is most of the time. This is important for the dog as it will then feel part of the family. This will bring him psychological comfort and make him much more willing to stay in his cage.
  5. It should not be forgotten that this is to be a space intended only for the pet. You have to let him keep his favorite toys and items in it. This triggers a sense of security and allows the dog to “arrange” its place.