Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS

Practical and aesthetic stand for dog bowls made entirely of wooden elements. It will add charm to any interior!

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Advantages of our products:

Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS is an accessory that brings us, but above all our four-legged friends, many benefits.

Spilled food and spilled water is a sight to which the owner of every dog ​​who puts the bowls on the floor of his kitchen is accustomed. However, the presence of a four-legged pet at home does not have to be associated with the mess that remains after his meal, it is enough to obtain a stand for a dog bowl.

Dogs, especially large ones, which use ordinary bowls all their lives, can develop problems with their body shape – constant bending down, and in some cases eating lying down, is very unhealthy and may adversely affect the well-being of our pet. By buying him a bowl stand of an appropriate height, we guarantee a comfortable and healthy place to eat food.

However, this is not the end of its advantages. The upright position that a dog must take when eating from a bowl placed on a platform makes it eat slower, and swallowing is much easier. In addition, the purchase of such a stand is recommended for dog owners struggling with various diseases that affect their eating habits.

Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS is made of solid oak wood and black steel legs. Its weight prevents the dog from moving it while eating. The bowls included in the set are placed stably in the oak top, so that our pet will not take them out of the stand. So we don’t have to worry that their contents will suddenly be on our floor.

Keeping the stand clean is extremely simple, just wipe it with a damp cloth, just wash the bowls in the sink. Protecting the table top with certified varnish ensures that any food remains or splashes of water will not discolor the wood.

The dog feeder STRATUS is made in an industrial style, combining aesthetic minimalism and the practical durability of oak boards. Thanks to the universal design, the STRATUS stand for dog bowls will also be perfect for rooms decorated in a rustic or loft style.

The Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS will perfectly match our Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER with oak top and shelves, and the Modern dog crate with a Loft-style cabinet HARBOR.

The oak table top in the bowl stand can be of different colors. As standard, we make it in natural, golden, walnut or black color. If you need a different color, please let us know at

The available dimensions of this model of a bowl stand:
S – 46x22x10 cm, bowl capacity: 2×0.9 l
L – 55x27x22 cm, bowl capacity: 2×1.8 l
XL – 64x31x30 cm, bowl capacity: 2×2.8 l

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