Solid oak dog feeder VENOM

Practical and aesthetic stand for dog bowls made entirely of wooden elements. It will add charm to any interior!


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Advantages of our products:

Solid oak dog feeder VENOM combines the aesthetics, durability and quality of wooden furniture with a practical design created with the comfort and health of a dog using it in mind.

Providing a suitable eating place is essential for our dog’s well-being. Dogs eating from the floor may have difficulty eating foods that will not appear in pets whose owner has purchased a bowl rack. Raising the level on which the food is located makes it easier for dogs to swallow, among other things, the bowl itself does not move away even for the most chaotic pets. The upright posture that the dog takes when eating from such a bowl supports its joints and does not tire the muscles of the neck and shoulders, which is especially important in older dogs or dogs with joint diseases. In addition, it causes the dog to eat more calmly and not to spread as much food as the one eating from the bowl placed on the floor.

A dog feeder VENOM also increases the cleanliness of the space around. Washing the stand itself is very simple, it is enough to regularly clean it with a damp cloth. The varnish with which the wood is covered, in addition to giving the furniture a beautiful glossy appearance, will also ensure durability and resistance to dirt. The removable bowls included with each rack you buy are enough to put in the dishwasher.

The wooden stand for dog bowls VENOM will perfectly emphasize the classic interior of the room. It was made in a minimalist style of oak wood of the highest quality, covered with ecological varnish, so it will fit perfectly in styles such as industrial or loft.

Solid oak dog feeder VENOM is available in three standard colors: nature, walnut, golden.

The oak dog feeder VENOM will perfectly match our Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER with oak top and shelves, and Modern dog crate with a Loft-style cabinet HARBOR.

Stand dimensions: 56x27x21 cm
Bowl capacity: 1.8 l

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