Why does your dog shake? Causes of convulsions in the dog. Are they dangerous? What can be done?

The dog is trembling – what is the reason? Why does your dog tremble when it sleeps? What should I do if my dog twitches in unspecified situations? Could it be a sign of illness? Find out the causes of your dog’s tremors!


Dog shaking – basic information. The most common causes of seizures in a dog

Most likely, every dog owner has seen their pet shaking at some point. In most cases, this is not a symptom of an animal disease. There are many reasons why a dog trembles, but the most important thing is to watch your four-legged friend. The reason for trembling can be something as trivial as excitement or the fact that the dog is simply cold. Despite this, there are times when your pet’s shaking is a symptom of illness, in which case you need the intervention of a veterinarian.


Why does the dog shake? Temperature too low

The dog, in the case of a cold, reacts in the same way as a human. The involuntary shivering helps the body to raise the temperature when it is too low. Small breeds such as the Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu and Maltese are particularly vulnerable to the cold. Often the dog shakes during or after bathing. If you see that after warming up, your dog stops shaking, vet help is not needed.


However, how can you help your dog to warm up?

  1. Buy your dog a coat. Preferably it should be long enough to cover the back almost up to the tail. This will protect the most important internal organs from the cold.
  2. Take your dog for shorter but more frequent walks. During these walks, your dog’s body will not have time to cool down.
  3. Use a long lead. It gives your dog a chance to move at its own pace and keep warm.
  4. Running with the dog. As with a long lead, the animal will be on the move and the chance of it getting cold is reduced.
  5. Ensure the dog is kept warm enough in the bathroom after bathing.


Why does the dog shiver? Strong emotions

Dogs also shake because of strong emotions. Most often, a dog shakes when it feels fear. Four-legged dogs are afraid in various situations, e.g. when they hear a sudden noise, when they meet an unknown dog, when they find out that they are going to be taken for a car ride or when they see that they are getting closer to the vet’s surgery. Sometimes pets also tremble because of excitement when, for example, they get a new toy or treat.


Why does a dog shake? Excessive exertion

If your dog is shaking and panting after playing or running, it means that the effort was too intense. If your dog is in this state, it may develop serious health problems in the future. We should pay attention to this and not allow our dog to overtrain. Let’s control the time he spends exercising. 


Why does your dog shake? Dreams

You may have noticed that your dog shakes while sleeping, or even barks or growls quietly at times. These reactions from your dog mean that he has fallen into a deep, sound sleep. However, remember to go to the vet if only your dog’s trembling has also appeared with other ailments.


Why does your dog shake? Poisoning

If the trembling in your dog is additionally accompanied by vomiting, diarrhoea, salivation or increased temperature, your pet has most probably eaten something stale. Trembling can also be caused by pain in the abdomen. In such a case, it is a good idea to see a veterinarian. To prevent poisoning, do not give your pet ‘human’ food. Let’s also pay attention to whether there are food leftovers on the lawns where we walk with our dog.


Why does the dog shake? Epilepsy

Epilepsy in dogs is the most commonly detected disease of the nervous system. It manifests as muscle spasms, convulsions, loss of consciousness, salivation, urination and defecation. If you have noticed any of these symptoms in your dog, make an immediate trip to the vet with your pet.


Dog shakes due to illness – how to recognise it? What could be the causes? What should you do?

If your dog’s trembling is also accompanied by vomiting or diarrhoea, your pet has probably been poisoned by something. Trembling legs in a dog may be a symptom of arthritis. Pay special attention when the tremor is accompanied by loss of consciousness. In all these cases, veterinary intervention will be necessary. Remember, that we can always consult with the vet any doubts concerning the health and well-being of our pet.

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