Hardy dog cage sideboard KEEPER with a solid oak top and a cabinet

A metal dog cage sideboard, integrated into a massive cabinet, will find a place in the living room, bedroom and even in the hall.

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Hardy dog cage sideboard KEEPER with a solid oak top and a cabinet

All dog owners know this picture: bowls scattered in a mess, food scraps on the floor, toys that are easy to trip over, and last but not least, the most painful – dog teeth marks on the legs of the chairs.

We offer a metal dog cage sideboard with a cabinet KEEPER is a way to make the mess disappear from your home, and your four-legged favorite will gain a safe and friendly place to sleep and rest.

A dog cage is not a place of forced retreat, but an element of home furnishings with a built-in lair. It is a piece of furniture that helps to calm down your quadruped and provide him with the necessary relaxation. Such a private space is extremely necessary even for the best-trained dog. A lair soaked with its own scent and favorite toys are a signal for the animal that it is at home, away from the household chaos, in a place where it can safely fall asleep and rest after excessive impressions.

Our hardy dog cage sideboard KEEPER for a dog is a chest of drawers with a solid top and a closed cabinet, in which we can store, for example, dog toys or accessories for grooming hair, but also all kinds of “human” items. Its main part is a cage made of steel bars with a square cross-section, painted with black paint with appropriate health certificates. There is a door in the cage, which – if necessary – can be closed with a latch placed on it.

The combination of wood and metal brings to mind the industrial style, an extremely fashionable trend in the arrangement of living rooms for years. The minimalism, rawness and simplicity of the shape of the kennel cage will perfectly harmonize with the red brick or concrete of the walls, the floor made of wide boards or large windows stylized as post-factory interiors. In a word – our furniture block will perfectly fit into the loft decor, borrowed from the trend of transforming abandoned industrial buildings into stylish apartments, fashionable in the 1950s and 1960s.

A metal kennel cage for a dog, integrated into a massive chest of drawers, will find a place in the living room, bedroom and even in the hall. When deciding on where to place it, first of all, take into account the needs of the dog – the cage should always be available to him and stand in a place where the sounds of the inhabitants’ life will not disturb the sleep that our pet needs up to 14 hours a day.

The chest of drawers consists of three elements:

  • kennel cage made of steel bars with a square cross-section with a door equipped with a latch,
  • wooden table top,
  • a lockable cabinet with one shelves.

The dog cage sideboard is carefully made of high-quality materials. Its structure is strong and stable, it guarantees many years of use.

The hardy dog cage sideboard KEEPER a piece of furniture fits perfectly with the Dog feeder with oak top and steel legs ARCANA and Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS! also made in the Loft style!

The dimensions of the furniture: 140x60x76 cm
Dimensions of the dog part: 100x60x76 cm.

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