Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER with oak top and shelves

A sturdy large cage with an oak top and two rustic oak shelves. The elegance of oak and the strength of metal!

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Advantages of our products:

Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER with oak top and shelves is a place where our dog will find refuge when it needs peace, tranquility or falling into a deep sleep necessary for its proper functioning.

It is by no means a measure of compulsory solitary confinement! The home dog cage is its own place, filled with the familiar smell of bedding and toys, where the dog will go whenever he wants a bit of privacy and sleep.

Of course, in a situation where we need to isolate the dog, e.g. from guests, we can close the cage with a bolt and the durable metal structure will be a safe barrier even for a more energetic dog. In addition, the weight of the kennel cage itself is also a suitable obstacle for dogs, which can sometimes move the lighter cage with their own weight.

Our dog cage furniture SHALTER is an alternative to the often not very aesthetic lair and toys scattered around. It gives a chance to fit the dog’s space into the existing arrangement of the living room, bedroom or living room. It combines the function of a lair with an open shelf for the owner or dog’s trinkets.

The Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER is a combination of dark, matte metal with solid, oak tops with clearly defined rings. Minimalism and industrial austerity – the arrangement style that has prevailed for several decades – is associated with the fashion for transforming post-industrial spaces into flats called lofts. This tendency started in the 1940s in large American cities and spread quickly all over the world. Raw, plaster-free walls, minimalist furniture, dominant simplicity and decorations in the form of technical elements are synonymous with modernity and good taste to this day.

Our dog kennel crate SHALTER in the form of a chest of drawers with open shelves is a proposal for apartments arranged in an industrial style. It will fit perfectly into simple, wooden and metal loft furnishings, as well as ristic ones, made of solid wood of a similar color. The golden brown of the oak and the matt black of the cage bars and the furniture structure create a unique aesthetic impression. It is a combination of the severity of nature with minimalist industrialism.

The Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER with oak top and shelves will also find its place in the hall, which does not have to be arranged in a loft style. In order to achieve a good effect, we recommend introducing metal decorative elements in this room in the form of eg a rod, painted black standing coat hanger or a “wire” chair.

The dog cage furniture SHALTER consists of three main elements:

  • a kennel crate made of black, thick steel profiles with a square cross-section,
  • massive, solid oak top,
  • two open, solid oak shelves.

The dog cage furniture SHALTER is made of high quality materials. We created it with maximum accuracy and precision when welding metal parts. They were covered with black paint free from ingredients harmful to our health. The structure is strong and stable, therefore it guarantees many years of use.

Our standard oak countertops are in natural, walnut and black colors, and finally we protect them with high-quality matte varnish.

Our Industrial dog cage furniture SHALTER with oak top and shelves fits perfectly with Dog feeder with oak top and steel legs ARCANA and Metal and oak dog feeder STRATUS!

Furniture dimensions: 140x60x76 cm
Dimensions of the dog cage: 100x60x76 cm.

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