Wooden dog crate sideboard FAIRY with turned legs, drawers and sliding doors

A stylish wooden dog crate with thick, rolled legs, sliding doors and three capacious drawers.

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Wooden dog crate sideboard FAIRY with turned legs, drawers and sliding doors

A kennel crate is not a prison for a pet, but its safe asylum. Dogs very often look for a place where they can hide, rest, calm down and relax. Surely every owner has noticed that his favorite likes to hide behind the couch, under the table or in another quiet corner. Such a quiet, private place is extremely necessary for the animal to calm down, rest and sleep. In nature, also all canines look for burrows and other darkened places to spend daily.

There are a number of situations in which a wooden dog crate can be beneficial:

  • when guests visit our house, when some of them are afraid of dogs,
  • in order to calm down the dog in stressful moments,
  • in the process of getting used to being alone at home,
  • during the convalescence period, especially after treatments on the limbs,
  • to separate the dog from the environment, e.g. when he is tired of playing with children.

Our furniture in the shape of an elegant, representative chest of drawers has been designed to create a space for your pet, in which you will feel at home on a comfortable bed, in the vicinity of your favorite items. The wooden structure houses vertical steel bars painted with black, certified paint. The cage created in this way has a door consisting of rods and a wooden frame moved by steel wheels on a steel rail to the left and right.

The wooden dog crate sideboard FAIRY has a spacious top, three fully extendable drawers on hidden bottom guides with a silent closing system and massive columns stylized as balusters in elegant balcony and terrace balustrades. They are the elements on which the construction of the furniture is based. The whole thing is painted white, which in combination with the black of the cage bars gives an elegant impression.

The style of the chest of drawers refers in color to the hampton style, which was created in Southampton on Long Island, where wealthy residents of New York used to come for summer holidays. The furniture will also look good in glamor or vitage interiors. However, one should not approach the arrangement trends too rigidly, because the furniture frame also looks good and intriguing in a room decorated in a modern or Scandinavian style.

Our wooden dog house, thanks to its aesthetic advantages, will perfectly fit into the decor of the living room, living room or bedroom. Three drawers can be used to store all kinds of small things, including those related to the needs of our dog, and placing the bed in the kennel will create a perfect corner for relaxation and sleep.

Wooden dog crate sideboard consists of the following elements:

  • solid, wooden top,
  • three drawers on guides,
  • wooden cage structure with steel bars,
  • sliding doors on rollers,
  • four massive columns that play an important structural and decorative role.

A wooden dog crate sideboard FAIRY in the form of a chest of drawers with columns is made by us of high-quality wood and painted with paints that are safe for the health of the dog and its owners. The wood is covered with high-quality Italian varnish. It is a solid and durable piece of furniture that will serve for many years. Our other products will perfectly match it: Wooden dog feeding station cabinet with drawer GALLANT, a Wood chest with a dog feeding station VALIANT or an Elegant wooden dog feeder ROBUST with bowls.

Note: it is possible to make the chest of drawers in other colors and use any type of wood.

The dimensions of the furniture: 150x102x70 cm
Dimensions of the dog part: 122 x 77 x 65 cm.

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