Wooden dog crate furniture sideboard ICON

A wooden dog crate furniture with a cupboard and a usable top in elegant Art Deco Style.

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The Wooden dog crate furniture sideboard ICON is a perfect solution for all dog owners who, in addition to the comfort of their pets, care about the high aesthetic standard of the apartment. It is a piece of furniture that perfectly combines design values ​​with the proper, healthy functioning of your beloved pet.

The dog crate furniture ICON is made of solid wood in the hampton style. The cradle of style is the towns of East Hampton and Southampton on Long Island. Rich people from Manhattan used to go there for summer vacations. Initially, they arranged their holiday homes in the same way as city apartments, but it soon turned out that such interiors did not suit the vicinity of the beach. Therefore, marine elements, white furniture and upholstery quickly began to appear in summer homes. As a result, the luxurious interiors gained coziness and optical lightness.

This indoor kennel cage will look great above all – which is obvious – in hampton-style interiors, although it is not a necessary condition. The chest of drawers will fit perfectly into a living room with darker furniture, but with light curtains and upholstery. It would also be good to put it in the hall as the only piece of furniture with accessories made of, for example, dark metal.

The Wooden dog crate furniture sideboard ICON creates a friendly and safe space for a dog to rest, relax and deep sleep. Contrary to appearances, it is not used to isolate our pet, but to enable it to function properly.

In the kennel cage we place the dog’s bedding and his favorite toys, through the bars of the cage he can easily observe the life in the house. Thanks to this, the kennel becomes a private corner, a refuge to which the dog will gladly return.

The kennel cage is functionally and aesthetically inseparable part of the entire chest of drawers. The characteristic features of the furniture are: a high, thick plinth and the front of the cabinet door decorated with vertical, milled grooves. The entire structure of the furniture is made of wood, which guarantees the quality of workmanship, longevity and, above all, the health of our dog!

The dog crate furniture ICON consists of the following elements:

  • an open cage with metal bars,
  • cabinets with two shelves,
  • massive table top.

The Wooden dog crate furniture sideboard ICON can be an interesting set with our Wood chest with a dog feeding station VALIANT, a Wooden dog feeding station cabinet with drawer GALLANT or an Elegant wooden dog feeder ROBUST with bowls.

Cupboard dimensions: 160x88x63 cm
Dimensions of the dog crate: 97x75x59 cm

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