Luxury indoor dog kennel sideboard with drawers CANNON

A kennel cage integrated into a fully functional chest of drawers in an elegant Deco style.

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A Luxury indoor dog kennel sideboard with drawers CANNON is a perfect solution for all owners of small and medium-sized dogs, who, apart from the comfort of their pets, also care about the high standard of interior design. It is a piece of furniture that combines aesthetic values ​​with the proper and healthy functioning of your beloved quadruped.

In many houses where dogs live, their presence is noticeable right from the doorstep: bowls standing in the corner of the hall, a hanging leash and a muzzle, a lair with a frequently bitten and worn mattress. Finally, toys lying around in all rooms, which are not a very representative decoration of the apartment.

A dog crate in the form of a massive, roomy chest of drawers with classic shapes and perfectly refined elements can be an elegant part of the living room, study or bedroom furniture. Thanks to three large cymbals and a spacious cabinet, it allows not only to store items belonging to a dog or people, but also creates a friendly and safe corner for a pet for relaxation and sleep.

The indoor dog kennels CANNON is not a place of forced retreat. It is an expression of our concern for the comfort of the dog and its proper lifestyle. Behaviorists believe that such a safe, covered with a “roof”, private space is needed even by the most calm and accustomed to the hustle and bustle of dogs.

In the dog crate, the animal perfectly calms down and easily falls into a deep sleep necessary for its health. The bedding in it, saturated with the scent of its own hair, a favorite toy and the possibility of observing the activity of the household members make the kennel a part of the private, canine world in which our pet likes to stay.

The indoor dog kennel CANNON fits perfectly into the body of the chest of drawers and is – thanks to its well-thought-out design – its functionally and aesthetically inseparable part. Metal bars perfectly harmonize with the handles of the cabinet and drawers, and the easy opening of the cage makes it a comfortable and practical piece of furniture.

The chest of drawers is made of solid wood, which allows not only for a perfect fit of all elements and precision of workmanship, but also guarantees its extremely long life. The use of real wood ensures that our dog stays in a safe and healthy place.

The chest of drawers consists of the following elements:

  • an open kennel cage with metal bars,
  • cabinets with two shelves,
  • three spacious drawers,
  • usable worktop

The Luxury indoor dog kennels sideboard with drawers CANNON can be made of solid wood in white or black. We can also make it in the color of a walnut.

Our wooden dog crate is made in the Art Deco style that dominated Europe during the interwar period in the 20th century. Its most characteristic feature – as in the case of our furniture – is minimalism, high-quality materials, perfect finish and functionality.

The Luxury indoor dog kennel CANNON can be a stylish set with other furniture from our offer, such as a Wooden dog feeding station cabinet with drawer GALLANT, a Wood chest with a dog feeding station VALIANT or an Elegant wooden dog feeder ROBUST with bowls.

The dimensions of the furniture: 160x103x63 cm.
Dimensions of the dog part: 97x75x59 cm

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