Metal dog crate furniture HARBOR in Loft-style

Modern dog crate with a cupboard and a usable table top made of metal and oak wood in a rustic style.

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Metal dog crate furniture – HARBOR from DogDeco

The HARBOR dog crate furniture is a versatile piece of furniture that combines the functionality of a crate with the aesthetic appeal of a stylish piece. Designed to resemble a chest of drawers with a solid oak top, the HARBOR crate will provide your furry friend with a private and secure space to relax and unwind. Whether your dog needs a quiet spot to rest or a place to retreat when overwhelmed, the crate’s comfortable cushion and spacious interior will make it their go-to haven.

Modern dog crate with cabinet HARBOR in a Loft-style | DogDeco

Stylish Design for Modern Homes

Crafted with a sturdy and durable construction, the decorative HARBOR dog crate offers a cozy sanctuary for dogs with a more spirited temperament. The enclosed part of the crate acts as a calming refuge, allowing your dog to find tranquility. Made from black steel square-profile frames, a massive oak top, and featuring a functional cabinet with a shelf, this crate is not only a safe haven but also a functional piece of furniture that blends seamlessly into your interior decor.

Safe and Sturdy Craftsmanship

HARBOR is a secure metal and wooden dog crate furniture piece designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Crafted with precision, all metal components are welded meticulously and coated with a matte black paint that’s free from any harmful substances for both humans and animals. Its robust and stable design ensures years of hassle-free use.

Functional Features for Pet Owners

Beyond being a pet space, the metal HARBOR dog crate furniture adds functionality to your home decor. The built-in cabinet becomes an ideal storage place for various dog accessories, while the practical oak top can showcase your personal decorations. By choosing the HARBOR dog crate furniture, you’re not only investing in a modern piece of furniture but also in quality craftsmanship made from premium materials.

Industrial Style for a Unique Touch

The large HARBOR crate for dogs merges the elements of black matte steel with solid oak characterized by distinct grains and knots. This natural rawness and industrial simplicity evoke loft-style arrangements, paying homage to the transformation of former industrial spaces into innovative living areas. The industrial trend is continually cherished by interior designers and decorators alike.

The decorative HARBOR dog crate is an ideal addition to industrial-themed homes and authentic lofts. It harmoniously complements the metal-and-wood decor while making a striking statement. This metal crate also complements rustic interiors dominated by wooden elements in a similar shade.

Versatility in Design

The beauty of the HARBOR dog crate furniture lies in its compatibility with various interior design styles. Simply introduce a noticeable industrial-themed decorative piece in your space to harmonize with the crate. Whether it’s a wire standing lamp or a wall-mounted gear-shaped sconce, our dog crates always shine.

Select Size and Finish of our dog crate furniture

HARBOR is a metal dog crate furniture piece with dimensions of:

  • Dog Crate L for small and medium-sized dogs: Length 140 x Width 60 x Height 76 cm / Part for the dog: Length 96 x Width 56 x Height 74 cm.
  • Dog Crate XL for large dogs: Length 160 x Width 77 x Height 84 cm / Part for the dog: Length 116 x Width 69 x Height 82 cm.
  • Dog Crate XXL for the largest dog breeds: Length 180 x Width 86 x Height 94 cm / Part for the dog: Length 136 x Width 82 x Height 92 cm.


The HARBOR dog crate can be customized with wooden elements available in different shades, including black, weathered oak, aged oak, natural, and walnut. It perfectly complements other furniture items from our workshop: food containers, dog bowl stands and luxury dog beds.

We are manufacturers of dog crate furniture for dogs. We create both open and enclosed crates in various configurations upon request. If you’re interested in unconventional finishes or different wood species, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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